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Transforming Travel

Experience a new perspective.

What we do

At WeExplored, we believe that travel transforms.

A change in scenery is often the perfect antidote to solving some of life's riddles. Adventure makes us feel alive and after all, isn't that what we are here to live, to love, to experience? Whether it is an affordable deal or a longer journey, our years of travel experience will help match you with the perfect sojourn.


WeExplored are about exploring our inner selves as well as the outer world. We acknowledge that a catalyst to this process, can be a unique travel experience. We aim to deliver new and exciting physical challenges, spiritual experiences, opportunities to learn new skills, volunteer and time for renewal. 


Half the fun of going on a trip is in the planning and we know you can get online and do this yourself.  

What we offer, is to work with you, by  searching for the best rates (sometimes only we have access to), giving you first hand advice and tips and booking it all together in one spot.

We will be your wingman whilst you travel, so you don't have to spend hours on the phone to make a change, you can just flick us an email and we will go into action!


Travelling together gives us a chance to reconnect, recalibrate relationships and experience fun and adventure.

Our deals for couples and families are aimed for affordable experiences to get you away from the grind!


“It is only in adventure, that some people succeed in knowing themselves - in finding themselves.”

Andre Gide

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WeExplored is proud to be a member of the Australian Industry body for Travel Agents. We have undergone an accreditation process to be a member, in order to give our customers,  peace of mind.

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